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welcome to fuck yeah! the lone bellow - NYC, by way of VA & GA, 'brooklyn country' band.
zach williams - vocals/guitar
brian elmquist - vocals/guitar (@brianelmquist)
kanene pipkin - vocals/mandolin (@kanenekanene)
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(a similar representation to the actual band the lone bellow)
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The Lone Bellow   7/12 14 Green River Festival

Interview with Zach Williams of The Lone Bellow, Playing PARKLIFE on 9/7

All three members of The Lone Bellow have at least one thing in common and that’s their Southern roots. It’s not necessarily surprising that each member of this three-piece alt-country outfit was born and raised in the South. The surprising part is where they decided to unite their forces and make music– Brooklyn. Out of Brooklyn, New York, The Lone Bellow is composed of Zach Williams on guitar and lead vocals, Kanene Donehey Pipkin on mandolin and vocals and Brian Elmquist on guitar and vocals. On September 7th, The Lone Bellow, along with a barrage of other great artists will take the stage at Atlantic Station for PARKLIFE. (continue)


@thelonebellow thank you thank you thank YOU for your set at Lincoln Center tonight. The moment right when everyone rebelled and rushed up to dance, clap and sing….. that was MUSIC. No offense to the likes of Buddy Miller/Jim Lauderdale & Rosanne Cash who were excellent, but that set and that communal love of your work breaking the dam of the stony crowd made the night. You can’t beat that. #thelonebellow #lincolncenter

ICYMI - you can watch the lone bellow’s set from last saturday (aug 9) beginning just after 1:09!

philly folk festival

The Lone Bellow - Careless Whisper/Button
The Firehouse Center for the Arts, 15Aug2014.


This band is my people (but I always knew that).



#KanenePipkin #TheLoneBellow #lincolncenteroutofdoors #concert #music #damroschparkbandshell


Thank you to @thelonebellow for yet another magical evening of beautiful tunes! So glad to have been part of the rebellion that stormed the stage and hugged the music. #musicalmasterpieces #thelonebellow #lincolncenteroutofdoors #damroschparkbandshell #concert #music #thelonebellow #zachwilliams #brianelmquist #kanenepipkin