fuck yeah! the lone bellow

welcome to fuck yeah! the lone bellow - NYC, by way of VA & GA, 'brooklyn country' band.
zach williams - vocals/guitar
brian elmquist - vocals/guitar (@brianelmquist)
kanene pipkin - vocals/mandolin (@kanenekanene)
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thanks thebluegrasssituation for the header image!
(a similar representation to the actual band the lone bellow)
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The Lone Bellow
Calgary Folk Music Festival
July 26, 2014
Photo taken by Olivia Schneider

When they played “Watch Over Us” tears poured down my face. This band is pure magic.


Photos – The Lone Bellow, 7/19/14, Buckle Up Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH http://www.cincygroove.com/?p=42851


Watch the full Front Row Boston episode featuring The Lone Bellow: Live at The Paradise on YouTube.

what a super way to re-live one of the best the lone bellow shows i’ve been to! you’re gonna wanna watch this :D


Saw and met The Lone Bellow last night. In a church. Absolutely incredible.

Although the woman who took the picture cut out Brian…. Boo.

The Lone Bellow - Bleeding Out
ft. Betty the most adorable and newest member of the band.


@kanenekanene wins best face. Crop me out and this is a solid cover for the new @thelonebellow album 😜 these guys are awesome, so glad I got to see them again!

this goes here.


All pews were full for @TheLoneBellow Revival Hour at @southchurchuu last night. @PrescottPark


I saw The Lone Bellow in a church in Portsmouth last night. Those harmonies in a place with acoustics like that could make me convert to any religion. It was awesome.


The Lone Bellow at Green River Festival Sat Jul 12 2014


The Lone Bellow! (at South Church Portsmouth)